Sisters give birth just 2 hours apart & you will not believe how they pulled it off!

I would've given anything for my sister and I to have done what two pregnant sisters were able to do in New Hampshire last week. Trisha, 19, and Stacey Knox, 24, gave birth to their sons only hours apart. It wasn't supposed to happen like that. They were due two weeks apart, but the morning Trisha was getting ready give birth, Stacey started feeling contractions too. However, she decided to keep them a secret because she wanted to be there for her little sister as she had her first baby. Can you imagine trying to keep your contractions a secret?!

In the end, the sisters ended up laboring in rooms right next to each other at the hospital's maternity ward. Their families kept going back and forth from one room to the other. Trisha's son, Joseph, was born first and two hours and 16 minutes later Stacey gave birth to her son, Nicolas.


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Family members describe the sisters as incredibly close and I'm sure this amazing experience will make them even tighter. Not to mention that the new cousins will share the same birthday. I think that's incredibly cool and, as I said before, I wished something similar had happen to my sister and I.

Even though we're less years apart than the Knox sisters, motherhood came at completely different stages for us. My sister was 22 when she had her one and only daughter, my beloved niece and goddaughter. I waited another 15 years before I had my first child. Our daughters love each other, but there's a gigantic age difference and they'll always be at different stages. 

Plus, I would've loved for my sister and I to have gone through our pregnancies and motherhood together. We're also incredibly close and I think we could've definitely used each other's help and advice. 

I'm a little jealous of the Knox sisters, but I wish them and their two boys nothing but a life full of happy moments!

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