Snooki's priceless advice to Kim K on how to look glam during labor is awesome (VIDEO)

You absolutely have to watch this video of Snooki giving Kim Kardashian pregnancy fashion advice. Snooki breaks it down for Kim on the how-to-look-glam-during-labor front. I know your first thought is probably, Who would want fashion advice from Snooki? But trust me, this is pure comedy genius and has me loving Snooki like never before. She just might be my new imaginary BFF.

Man, if I were a reality star I would be so all over this advice. I mean, who needs a boring list of what to take to the hospital, you can get that at a doctor's visit. Slippers, clothes for the baby, blah, blah, blah ... like I said BORING!


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Snooki's advice is spot on for glam reality stars giving birth in the public eye and includes nuggets of wisdom like...

  • Keep an extra pair of eyelashes in your purse just in case you go into labor.
  • Get a pedi at least one week before you are due.
  • Bring a scarf to cover double chins caused by bloating.

I'm not a reality star nor do I play one on TV, but hey I could have used some of Snooki's advice. I have photographs of me and my many chins right after giving birth and quite frankly they are very disturbing. I also wish I would have brought a glam satin gown to wear moments after popping out the fruit of my loin instead of that oh-so-unflattering hospital gown with strategically placed holes for nursing, talk about wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen!

Now watch and learn!

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