15 pound baby survives traumatic birth, healthy & thriving against all odds

George King, one of the largest babies EVER born in England, weighed in at a whopping 15lbs 7oz when he met the world. That is two times the size of the average newborn! He was so big that he didn't fit into any newborn clothes and went right into 3-6 mos-old clothing.

Baby George was born to parents Jade and Ryan 6 weeks ago. No one had any idea that he would be so big until his head was out! Can you imagine? But his size wasn't the only dramatic part of his birth and delivery...


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Because he was so large, his shoulders got stuck and things took a scary turn. The baby went without oxygen for a whole 5 minutes. "There was about 20 odd doctors in the room and that's when it got really scary", says 21-year-old new mom Jade.

Baby George was only given a 10% survival rate. He was transferred to St Michael's Hospital in Bristol where he stayed for four-and-a-half-weeks. The good news is that he beat the odds and is now at home with his happy and relieved parents. Doctors are still trying to figure out why George was so big.

I would like to give a standing ovation to Jade for enduring and surviving that birth. No really, she deserves some kind of Olympic medal! I understand that concern for the baby's well-being takes center stage and I am thrilled to know that the baby appears to be doing well, but can we just focus on the mother for a minute?

She had no idea her baby was going to be so big, the baby was stuck in her and deprived of oxygen for 5 minutes, she was told the baby only had a 10% chance of survival, and I'm sure she is still physically recovering from the trauma the birth must have cause her body. She is AMAZING! I wish her and her family all the best.

I'm sure little (or rather big) George has a life full of excitement ahead of him!

 Image via BBC

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