Pregnant burglar is one-woman crime spree, kind of impressive (VIDEO)

Most pregnant women are focused on preparing for baby, not committing crimes. But one mom-to-be didn't let her baby bump stop her from burglarizing a house!

Authorities are now looking for the woman who broke into a Washington home on March 13 ... and whose actions (and growing belly!) were all caught on tape.


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As can be seen in the video, the robber arrived at the house at around 1:30 p.m., wearing yoga pants, a sweatshirt, and a grey cap pulled low to shield her face. The clip shows her walking up to the porch and ringing the doorbell. After realizing nobody was home, she manages to pry open the window and climb. A few minutes later, she is seen leaving with a few items and leaving the scene in the car, which was driven by an accomplice.

A pregnant burglar? It sounds like the makings of some strange cartoon villain.  

To make matters even more bizarre, authorities believe this isn't her first robbery! They suspect her of carrying out a similar crime in the same area, but on a different house last week. Police are describing as a 20-something-year-old woman with long, dark hair--and of course, a big belly!

Some have speculated that she is not really expecting and is wearing a fake belly, as well as a wig, in an attempt to disguise herself. That could certainly be possible. Given her criminal activity, she clearly wouldn't want anyone to figure out her real identity.

Still, if she really is pregnant, I can't help but feel bad for her child. Obviously, this woman is not the best of role models and certainly doesn't seem qualified to be a mom. And if she continues her streak of robberies, she is going to land herself in jail eventually. Who will take care of the baby then? Should she really be expecting, I just hope that she somehow makes sure her child is properly taken care of. 

Watch the break-in here:

Image via YouTube

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