Camila Alves' tough pregnancy & C-section delivery brings back memories

Camila Alves McConaughey revealed this week on The View that her most recent pregnancy was the roughest one the mom of three has ever gone through--and there were so many complications with the birth of her latest baby, Livingston, that she ended up having to undergo her first C-section! "I had strong pains and kept telling the doctors … no one could figure it out. We ended up having to do a C-section," the 30-year-old Brazilian model and handbag designer shared.

Honestly, the news shocked me as much as the hosts and viewers. After news of her amazing weight loss and how healthily she's bounced back from 11-week-old Livingston's birth, it's hard to imagine the gorgeous mom had difficulties during her pregnancy--I mean, she looked amazing and downright SEXY the whole time! But I know firsthand that as much care as you take of yourself and your growing fetus during those 40 weeks, sometimes it's just not enough to prevent complications.


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While Camila didn't go into specifics of what problems she had during her pregnancy and delivery, I can only imagine how difficult it's been for the mom to get over the tough pregnancy and C-section delivery--it's major invasive surgery! She confesses that bouncing back has been especially difficult. "This recovery has been extremely hard because I had a C-section and all these extra procedures," she said on the show. "I can't even pick up my kids, really. I have to be careful."

My own pregnancy was thankfully pretty uneventful, except at the end. I was afraid I was suffering from some sort of scary preeclampsia, because my entire body--and especially my feet--swelled up so much they looked like little tamales in my flat shoes (hence my love-hate relationship with Uggs up to the present day, 10 months after delivery!).

Thankfully it was just a case of swollen feet, but delivery was a different story: after 30 hours of intense labor pains and two hours of pushing, my little guy had to be delivered via C-section as well, for fear he'd be stuck in my birth canal and things would get much worse—and he even had a bowel movement in my womb, which is just bad news all around. I can't even describe the pain or the desperation I felt during those moments to just get Sebastian out safe and healthy.  Thank God after an emergency C-section, everything was fine and Little Man is today a super healthy and rambunctious almost 11-month-old.

I'm glad Camila's baby Livingston was also delivered healthy, and hope that she gets better with her mom Fatima's help so she can once again regain her full mami role with her newborn, 3-year-old Vida, and almost 5-year-old Levi!

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