Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi recently stunned the world by revealing her amazing 42-pound loss in the latest issue of Us Weekly. The Snooki & Jwoww star not only showed off her new bikini body on the cover, she also shared details on how she shed all of the pregnancy weight only 6 months after giving birth!

So what exactly is her secret?

"You just need to get your ass to the gym and eat healthy!" the new mom told the magazine.

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Snooki revealed that while a significant portion of the weight loss came from breastfeeding, the rest of it was due solely to a more intense plan. Just six weeks after giving, she started working out, hitting the gym at least four days a week. She also says she signed up for a 1300-calories-per-day meal delivery service.

And it's obviously working. She looks better than she did even before pregnancy!

But Snooki isn't the only celebrity mom to lose weight shortly after giving birth. Check out how other stars shed the unwanted pounds post-baby:

Image via Us Weekly

Adriana Lima 1

Adriana Lima

Image via The Grosby Group

Adriana Lima's body looked RIDICULOUSLY fantastic at her first big Victoria's Secret runway show in 2011 after giving birth to her first daughter, Valentina, back in 2011. Her secrets? Strict portion control, tons of leafy green veggies, and shakes. "I did a combo of protein shakes, green veggies, and everything grilled or steamed and four ounces of protein," she shared. She also worked out 1 to 2 hours a day with former boxer-turned-celeb trainer Michael Olijide, focusing on high-intensity cardio.


Jessica Alba 2

Jessica Alba

Images via The Grosby Group, Getty Images

Jessica Alba has managed to bounce back not once, but twice from her pregnancy weight gain and we all know the second time is way harder! With first daughter Honor, Alba turned to celebrity trainer (and fellow Latina) Ramona Braganza to get in quick shape for a photo shoot. With 19-month-old Haven, she's been much more laid back. "I’m not big on packaged food, I’m not big on fast food, I like fresh things," she told us. And as for working out, chasing after two kids under the age of 4 seems to be working out just fine!  "Do I spend that one hour to spend with the kids on bath time and dinner?" Alba mused. "I'd rather spend it with the kids than at the office because I need to be here," she admits. We totally agree!


Roselyn Sanchez 3

Roselyn Sanchez

Images via The Grosby Group, Splash News

For first-time mami Roselyn Sanchez, a little bit of wardrobe trickery was in order when it came time to hit the red carpet just seven weeks after giving birth to baby girl Sebella Rose. "I do have a little [belly]. I’m just hiding it with Spanx,” she laughed to Access Hollywood Live at the Act of Valor premiere. "I had to do it. I put my dress on and I’m going, 'You know what, no. I need to use the Spanx!' Breastfeeding helps too, I think,” the actress, 38, said of her rapid weight loss.

Salma Hayek 4

Salma Hayek

Images via The Grosby Group, Getty Images

Unlike a lot of celebrity moms, Salma Hayek--who also suffered from gestational diabetes--took her time losing her baby weight. It takes nine months to put it on, so she believes you should give yourself the same amount of time to lose it. Makes sense, huh? Salma credits her beautiful body to consistent workouts and meal plans by Diet Designs. She also called a bit of B.S. on moms who say they lost all their weight breastfeeding on Oprah, saying: "Except for a couple of exceptions, the only reason people lose weight like that when they're breastfeeding--it's that they're not eating and they're breastfeeding and that's not good for the baby."


Mariah Carey 5

Mariah Carey

Images via Splash News

Mariah Carey had twins and it was a rough ride for her towards the end of her pregnancy and she didn't care who knew it! Carey said she lost 70 pounds following the birth of her twins and that 40 pounds of that was water weight from her difficult pregnancy. "In the beginning, when I first had the babies, I had so much edema: water and swelling. Most pregnant women have that just in their feet," she told Us Weekly. Her trick to shedding the weight? Using a combination of the Jenny Craig diet plan and three-times-a-week water aerobics workouts.