Kate Middleton's bikini bump drama proves celeb moms need privacy too!

Kate Middleton­ and the rest of the royal family are NOT having a good day. The entire palace is reportedly furious after the Italian magazine Chi, the same publication that printed those topless pictures of Middleton in September, published the first photos of the Duchess' bare baby bump yesterday.

The royal couple is currently on vacation in the Caribbean, which is where paparazzi snapped photos of the pregnant Middleton in a bikini.  The picture--which is the first clear glimpse the public has ever gotten of her (tiny!) baby bump--shows the Duchess strolling with husband Prince William along the beach. But though the publication claims the images show nothing but "unexceptional normality," the palace released a statement saying they are "disappointed" with the "clear breach of privacy."

And though I'm normally big on anything pop-culture related, in this case, I have to agree. I think it's about time the world gives famous moms a break.


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I get it: these people are celebrities and should probably expect to be photographed if they go anywhere outside of their house. But isn't that just kind of sad? I mean, what are they supposed to do? Hide out at home all day and not live their lives? It's not like Middleton was parading around on a red carpet or even walking down a busy sidewalk. She was on an extremely exclusive beach, clearly trying to avoid any sort of public attention. Put yourself in her shoes--wouldn't you just want to be left alone?

The truth is being pregnant is hard enough without having photographers constantly following you or using mega-zoom lenses to hone in on your stomach. And the fact that we live in a world that seems to have forgotten that--or worse, just doesn't care--is disturbing, not to mention dangerous. These moms (celebrities, royals, or whomever they may be) deserve to have some privacy. It's time for everyone to realize that and back off.

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