Would you terminate your pregnancy if you found out your baby wasn't "perfect"?

I thank God every day for the advances we've made in technology and genetics. Thanks to Cochlear Implants, my son who is profoundly deaf, "hears" and speaks like any other teen. In fact, you wouldn't even be able to tell that he's deaf! Shortly after his diagnosis, we had him tested to identify whether his hearing loss was genetic. We were told that if they could identify the specific gene that caused it, we could find out whether he'd be only deaf or whether he would also have issues with his eyes, heart or kidneys. 


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As you can imagine, I wanted to be prepared for the worst! So, we had him tested and found out that his deafness was genetic and that the gene he carried (Connexin 26) causes only deafness. What a relief! 

We also found out that the chance of having other deaf children was extremely high. A friend asked me if I would consider having another child knowing that he or she could be deaf. I replied yes without hesitation. 

Michael has brought only happiness, tolerance, and a whole new understanding of what communication means to our family and those who know him. I can't imagine our lives without him! I would assume if you asked a mom of a child with Down Syndrome, the response would be the same. 

As prenatal screening and testing increases in sophistication, I suspect in the near future you'll be able to know the risk or presence of birth defects that go beyond Cystic fibrosis and Down syndrome. What about expectant moms who will be able to terminate their pregnancy because of defects like deafness, blindness, or even because they are missing a body part? My perspective is that whatever decision an individual makes, it is their decision and no one else's. However, it's heart wrenching to think about a mom terminating their pregnancy for a "defect" such as deafness. 

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What would you do if you knew your baby would be born with a defect?

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What would you do if you knew your baby would be born with a defect?

on Feb 9, 2013 at 1:09 PM

I guess it's a lil hard topic to get into, I have mixed feelings about it. I mean if I were to fine out I was going to have a baby with Down syndrome I would still keep it, I would just have to proper myself emotionally and mentally to give him/her the best life I can. But if I found out I was having a baby with a 3 heads 5 feet no toes baby I would definitely think about it twice. 

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on Feb 10, 2013 at 4:25 AM
My first 24YRS old daughter single mommi to be havin her first babi.AT 19 WEEKS HER OB DR. CALLED HER LETTING US KNOW DAT DA BLLOOD TEST CAME BACK ABNORMAL ..& SENDING HER TOO OU IN OKLAHOMA CITY OKLAHOMA FOR A SECOND OPINION WIT DA GENETIC SPECIALIST DR.S. ....WE SPOKE WIT DA GENETIC DR.S ABOUT POSSIBILITY THAT babi might have spinal bifida...so after dat she got a ultrasound. .they ruled out spinal bifida. ..told us she was having a boy....but unfortunately da babi had anencephaly "BABI WIT NO BRAIN " ..my daughter was torn up .crying. .very upset about it. .So they told her right away dat she had 2 OPINIONS 1 TOO HAVE ABORTION..or have da babi. .they said da babi can only live for minutes. .HRS. days. I told them dat we don't believe in abortion s. .my daughter goun try to take it to full term wit Gods help.. I told then dat we r not playing God. ..& dont want dat in our conscious.Well they got mad..they were pushing for her too abort OUR PRECIOUS LITTLE HERO. WE HAVE LOTS OF PRAYERS CHAIN S GOIN FOR OUR PRECIOUS LITTLE HERO. .MY GAMMAS ROSE MIRACLE WHIPCREAM. ...
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