Woman in labor slips on ice, winds up giving birth with a broken leg!

Most moms probably think that there is nothing scarier and more painful than child labor. Well, how about giving birth with a broken leg? That's exactly what happened to 32-year-old Scottish mom Emma Ramsay.

Ramsay slipped on ice outside her home and had to fight through the pain to crawl inside the house and get help. Doctors said she'd broken both sides of her left ankle and leg and would require a pin to be put in with emergency surgery. But before getting the operation, Ramsey had to be thoroughly examined by a medic--who determined she was already dilated 5 centimeters! Can you imagine?!

The poor woman had no choice but to give birth to her baby with her leg still broken!


Apparently, doctors did manage to put a temporary cast on to try and hold the leg in place, but Ramsey says the pain was still terrible.  I'd get a contraction and take gas and air--but then I'd be hit by the pain in my leg," she explained to The Mirror. 

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Oh my gosh, this honestly sounds like my worst nightmare. Labor is one of the most painful experiences any woman will ever go through, but the thought of going into labor with a broken leg? That literally makes me want to crawl into the fetal position and hide.

Still, despite her unbelievably bad luck, I guess all's well that ends well ... for the most part, anyway.  Both Ramsey and her baby are okay and though the new mom had to undergo a 3-hour long surgery (and will likely be in a cast for a few more weeks), at least she has her new little son to keep her company!

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