Kim Kardashian isn't fat, she is PREGNANT!

Can we please give Kim Kardashian a break, people? The 32-year old reality star, who's pregnant with rapper Kanye West's baby, has been under a lot of stress lately between her divorce battle with ex Kris Humphries and constant scrutiny about her weight. Kim has been so worked up that she had to file a legal declaration in which she states that the pressure of the divorce case has really posed a threat towards her health and pregnancy. She's doing what she can to finally wrap things up with Humphries, move on with her life and be happy. So why can't people just let her be?


I understand that high levels of stress are particularly dangerous during a woman's first few months of pregnancy. And I'm hoping for the sake of her health and her baby, that her ex-husband finally gives this battle a rest and  gives Kim a speedy trial. She has even complained to her doctor about recently suffering from severe pains, which her doctor believes is largely linked to stress. Not good!

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To top that all off she has to read on the internet how everyone thinks she looks fat! Ever since she stepped out of her house wearing gym attire haters have been criticizing her about her weight gain. She's been called everything from frumpy to even a "beached whale." What the heck is wrong with people? I mean honestly, she's pregnant are we expecting her to look like a pole? Not to mention, this is a total insult to all pregnant women and even women who have recently given birth and are still struggling to lose their baby weight.

But even though Kim is super stressed out it's nice to see that her girls are there to support her. Here's a picture of her BFF La La Anthony kissing her baby bump. So sweet!

I personally think she looks AMA-ZING! Kim looked absolutely stunning on her way to a social media conference the other day showing off her tiny baby bump in a sleek figure-flattering black Lanvin shift dress paired with an elegant black and white-striped blazer and some silver holographic pumps. Heck, I hope I look JUST like this when I'm pregnant. Let's cut the girl some slack and let her enjoy her pregnancy. I think you look fabulous, KK!

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