New baby name app reveals your child's future!

They say you can tell a lot about a person by just their name. And in case you didn't know, now there's an app for that! You remember why you chose your child's name and the important reason you chose it. But there's always more to a name and now you can find out what your child's personality might be like according to this trusty baby name picking app!

Nametrix: Doctor or Dancer?, as it's called, is a software that uses public data of names to determine what professions, political parties, and other categories are mostly connected to them.  Are you curious to see what career is most affiliated with your name? Read on to find out!


Since I can remember, I never really met too many people with my name, so I wondered about its history and those who shared it with me. I guess my questions were answered when this app was developed!

It turns out the creator of the app, Mark Edmond, came up with the idea when he and his wife were in the process of naming their daughter. Edmond wrote on his blog:

"I realized that there's so much more to a name than the basic popularity info and 'name meanings' text that all the baby name apps and websites I found centered around."  

Dissatisfied with how little statistical information there was out there on names, he set out to create the app in a matter of 6 months.

So how did the soon-to-be new dad know that the Nametrix was going to be useful? He first tested it out on his friends and family and realized that it was appealing to people of all ages and not just parents-to-be.  The app's data comes from the U.S census, Wikipedia, U.S campaign databases and even job occupations. It also lets you e-mail your friends and family with the name information you have found. 


Hmm, now I wonder if mostly dancers, artists, or writers share my name? I guess the only way to find out is to enter my information into the Nametrix app.  So if you're struggling to come up with a name for your future baby or are curious to do a search on your own, download the app via iTunes for just 99 cents!  


Image via Nametrix/ iTunes

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