Woman didn't know she was pregnant until she felt baby crowning!

I've heard a lot of crazy birthing stories, but that of Arizona mom, Jane Colvard, just might be the most unbelievable one yet. Apparently, Colvard thought she was having severe menstrual cramps and had no idea she was actually pregnant…until she unexpectedly went into labor last week! Wow, talk about an unexpected surprise!


Colvard says she hadn't been experiencing many of the typical pregnancy symptoms. "I gained some weight, but not to where I thought I was pregnant," she told ABC15. "I didn't feel [the baby] move. I had my normal cycle." So when she started experiencing abdominal pain, she assumed they were just cramps.

At some point however, the stomach pain became too intense to bear. She had her friend drive her to the hospital, where a nurse told her she probably had kidney stones and sat her down in a wheelchair. As she waited, Colvert felt something and thought she had had "an accident." But when she reached down, she actually felt the baby's head! How freaking crazy is that! Can you imagine going into a hospital with what you think are severe cramps and coming out with a baby?!

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To make the whole thing even more mind-boggling is the fact that Colvard already has two sons ages 12 and 6. But according to her, her previous deliveries were via C-section so she didn't recognize actual labor symptoms. Which I guess is kinda understandable…but not completely. I still don't really know how it was possible that she didn't realize she had a baby inside of her until she was actually giving birth!

Luckily, the baby, Isabella, was born at almost full term (36 weeks) and both she and Colvard are healthy. Now I just wonder how she broke the big news to her family and friends!

Image via ABC15

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