Jenni Rivera's sister, Rosie, confirms she's 11 weeks pregnant!

Rosie Rivera Flores, Jenni Rivera's younger sister, recently confirmed via Twitter that she's pregnant with her first child!

My abuela, in her infinite wisdom, used to say that God made the problem because he had a solution--or after the storm comes the calm, basically, which is a feeling very appropriate for this amazing news for the Rivera family.

The 31-year-old thrilled mom-to-be is about to finish her first trimester. Despite the heartbreak she must still be enduring because of her sister's death--who I'm sure is irreplaceable--at least this baby is a new beginning, and will help alleviate some of that pain. She tweeted: "At the doctor appointment - officially 11 weeks... Heard our baby's heartbeat. Strong, fast, on tempo :) thank you Lord."


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The Rivera sisters were always very close, to the point that it was Rosie who was given the letter that described in detail everything Jenni wanted after her death--the details of which have not been shared with the public. The sisters also went through many tragedies and many successes together. Let's not forget that Rosie was sexually abused by Jenni's first husband, along with her two oldest daughters, a situation which La Diva de la Banda faced fearlessly, demanding justice and not resting until she saw José Trinidad Marín behind bars. "It's really hard to explain how I felt, I experienced many different emotions" she told Univision in an interview during her ex-husband's trial in 2006. "Sadness, anger, pity. I was very moved when I saw him again after so many years, I couldn't even believe this had happened.

After all they've gone through, we're thrilled for Rosie and the entire Rivera family, for this little blessing that will enter their lives soon!

Image via Twitter/Rosie Rivera

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