Mami confessions: Have you ever thought about having an abortion?

This week, one of the members of our Confesiones group poses a question about a fairly controversial topic: abortion. Although she does not state what she thinks of abortion herself, she does ask the other members to be honest about it. She tells them that, instead of judging women who at some point have had to consider an abortion or have had an abortion, they should share if the idea of having an abortion has ever crossed their minds. And this has unleashed a series of anonymous confessions of many women who admit to having an abortion or at least to having thought about it.

Has the thought ever crossed your mind?


One of the confessions that shocked me the most was the one from a mom who says the following: 

I had a child with multiple disabilities, I saw him being born, grow, suffer and die at only 11 years of age, if I had known how we were all going to suffer, his life and death, would I have avoided it? Would I have aborted him? Yeah, definitely, it was not easy to see him suffer helplessly and then die so young!  Ignorant people can judge what they do not know all they want. Everyone is free to decide what's best for their body and their family.

Other women confessed having had an abortion when they were very young and they shared how difficult it was to make that decision and one said that even know, 10 years later, she regrets it. 

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In all honesty, the thought of having an abortion has never crossed my mind, but I've only been pregnant twice and only because I wanted to have children. I mean, I've never had to deal with an unwanted pregnancy or the possibility that my child could be born with a terrible disease with no cure. That does not mean that if that had been the case I would've aborted, but maybe the thought would've crossed my mind. I don't know...

What I do know is that the woman who started this whole conversation is completely right when she says that we shouldn't judge other women who've had abortions. What do you think?

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