Get ready for tonight, the most fertile day of the year!

If you want the stork to visit you soon, have I got great news for you: December 11 is considered the most fertile day of the year.

So, ladies, you better get your groove on tonight!

Of course, getting pregnant all depends on whether or not you're ovulating and that you and your significant other have sex at the right moment, all this according to stats collected by Lovehoney, the U.K.'s  largest online sex toy seller. It struck me as interesting that as tied-up and proper that the British seem, these numbers are coming from them.


And how do they know tonight is the night? According to their stats, Britain's most popular birthday is September 16, and counting back 40 weeks from there is exactly December 11 (and the 10 most popular birthdays in that region are also in December). People supposedly have more sex during the month of December because of all the parties and happy mood (and I'm sure the alcohol plays a little bit of a part in that!). Also, according to studies, sperm is higher quality during the winter months.

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Science aside, what is definitely clear is that when the cold is raging, we tend to spend more time indoors, in bed, and in December, all the parties and celebration that the month brings all add up to a higher number of pregnancies during the holidays.

Add to this that as time passes, more of us are doing our Christmas shopping online, which gives us more time indoors, in bed, in our pajamas probably, relaxed, and sipping some hot chocolate or other potent potable… well then, the temptation to get busy in bed increases!

So give it a try: if you're not looking to conceive just yet, then you should take precautions tonight—and this month! Don't say I didn't warn you. But if you are looking to start a family or grow yours, then this is the right night. Check here for some great songs for you to play and get in the mood. So good luck! And happy night!

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