After giving birth just four months ago, Alessandra Ambrosio has posed nude in a Brazilian magazine, reports Us Weekly. That's right, she's pretty much making every mom, mom-to-be and any other woman on the planet jealous with how speedily she bounced back into her gorgeous curves after giving birth to baby Noah in May. The magazine spread, which was shot in September, shows off a naked Alessandra lying on a beach, looking more gorgeous than I think I could EVER hope to be. Plus, there's even a photo of her clothed and showing off her impossibly flat belly.

Of course, she's not the only Latina celebrity who bounced back super quickly after pregnancy--check out the 6 Latina stars with the most incredible post-pregnancy slimdowns!

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Image via Stewart Shining/Made In Brazil

Alessandra Ambrosio 1

Alessandra Ambrosio

Images via Splash News, Alessandra Ambrosio/facebook

I mean, seriously, could she be any more gorgeous?! Of course, she remained insanely beautiful during her pregnancy, too. But going from that full belly back to those incredible abs in just a few months is making me insanely jealous.


Jennifer Lopez 2

Jennifer Lopez

Images via Splash News, Getty Images

Leave it to Jenny from the Block to not only bounce back into her pre-pregnancy body after carrying TWINS but she also went on to tackle one of the hardest things any person can do: a triathlon! She began training shortly after giving birth.


Gisele Bündchen 3

Gisele Bündchen

Images via Splash News

Okay, she's a model too, so this is just a little bit unfair. She looks incredible throughout her entire pregnancy and continued to glow well after giving birth. I mean, that belly! Those boobs! Everything on the Brazilian supermodel still looks amazing.

Jessica Alba 4

Jessica Alba

Images via Getty Images, The Grosby Group

Look at how pretty she looks! The mom of two looked impossibly stylish during her pregnancies and, of course, right after, too. I really love that she can rock almost the same top in these two photos, and just look how GREAT her bod looks both times!


Adriana Lima 5

Adriana Lima

Images via Splash News, Getty Images

As if I wasn't jealous of models enough, Adriana Lima proved that there must be something in the water down in Brazil (since Gisele and Alessandra both hail from that country, too) because she walked the Victoria's Secret runway months after baby.


Salma Hayek 6

Salma Hayek

Images via Getty Images

Leave it to one of the most glamorous actresses in Hollywood to go from being glam on the red carpet with a full belly to looking even MORE gorgeous a few months after having her baby girl. She really knew how to show off those post-baby curves!