3D models of fetus let expectant parents hold their babies before they are born! (VIDEO)

My husband and I were one of those "weird" expectant parents who didn't even want to find out the sex of our child. I say weird because most people thought we were crazy. They didn't understand how we'd be able to decorate our child's nursery or figure out in what color we'd get his or her layette. But I coulnd't care less about those things. I just wanted to be surprised. That's why I didn't go for the 3D ultrasound, which would've allowed me to see exactly what my baby looked like. As I said, I wanted to be surprised and while super excited to meet her, I had no problem waiting nine months for that first encounter.

So imagine my horror when I found out that some expectant parents are going beyond all this and actually getting a three-dimensional model of their fetus so they can hold it before it's even born!


Yes! You read right: a 3D model of their fetus which comes encased in a transparent block shaped like mom's belly! What?!? I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. What would you possibly do with something like that? Display it on your mantel for all to see? As if your home was some kind of science laboratory?

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Oh, and besides freaky, the 3D model ain't cheap either! At $1,200 a pop why not just put that money away for when the baby's born or open up a saving's account instead? But wait, if you still want to get it, but you just don't have the money, you have two options. The first one is an acrylic resin miniature version which you can hang from your cell phone or use as a key chain. Or, come December, you can get just the 3D face of your unborn baby for a more affordable $600. Yikes!

The Japanese company offering this models of unborn babies might have come up with a beautiful name for them, Shape of an Angel, but that surely doesn't change the creepiness of the whole thing. 

Image via Fasotec

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