Woman goes to hospital thinking she has kidney infection, delivers baby instead!

Every so often we hear of cases in which women go months without knowing they are pregnant and I always have a hard time believing how that's even possible. But the case of mom Kayleigh Renwick is unlike anything you've ever heard. Back in May, Renwick was having back pain and thought she had a kidney infection, so she decided to go to an after hours medical center. As she waited for the results of a urine test, she was asked how far along she was in her pregnancy. Thinking they were out of their mind, she told them she wasn't pregnant, but was sent to a nearby hospital for a scan anyway. 

Once there, the medical staff not only confirmed she was pregnant, but also told her she was 8 cm dilated and pretty much ready to give birth! But wait, there's more...


Her baby girl was born weighing 7 lbs. 7 oz. with her skin dry and cracked, but otherwise healthy. When the midwives delivered her placenta, they realized it had stopped working and told Renwick they thought she was about five weeks overdue!

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How the baby survived in a womb without a working placenta and without her mom even knowing she existed is anybody's guess. What I have even more difficulty believing, though, is how Renwick didn't know she was expecting considering she'd already been pregnant and given birth once before. And remember, we're not talking a few months pregnant here. No. This woman was overdue not one or two but FIVE weeks!

In her defense, she has said she can't believe she didn't know either. That she'd heard of other women not knowing and always thought that was impossible. Plus, Renwick says that she had her period throughout her pregnancy and that she even lost weight going from a size 16 to a size 12.

Crazy, right?

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