Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima rules the runways just TWO MONTHS after giving birth! (VIDEO)

Most women take a while to lose the baby weight after giving birth, but apparently Adriana Lima is totally exempt from this rule! The Brazilian supermodel was in tip-top shape a mere 8 WEEKS after giving birth and strutted her stuff on the runway at the 2102 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Normally doctors recommend that new moms not exercise until 6 weeks after giving birth, but Lima had other plans in mind and even documented her fitness progress on her Twitter page. You couldn't even tell that the model had a baby after walking down the runway showing off her ridiculously fit shape!


I can't even imagine the amount of effort it takes to lose the weight after having a baby. Adriana can easily make the average woman feel insecure about her body, which shouldn't be the case since it's unrealistic to want to have a Victoria's Secret models body.

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But the Brazilian hottie wasn't the only new mom looking hot on stage. Two other Angels, Lily Aldrige and Alessandra Ambrosio, also had babies within the past year and all proudly flaunted their post-baby bodies on the runway.

Maybe if we all had personal trainers and private chefs, then perhaps we could achieve their flawless bods... we can dream, no? However, there is hope: Another Victoria's Secret mom, Miranda Kerr, confessed that running around after her kids and squatting by using the baby's weight is the best form of exercise.

Whether you're a supermodel or a regular mom, one thing's for sure: losing weight takes a lot of dedication and time. Most importantly it should be done in a healthy way! In any case, Adriana and all these beautiful moms serve as great inspiration!

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