How would you react if someone assumes you're pregnant but you're not?

It happened to Kelsey Hughes, 21, as she was making the line to board a domestic flight in New Zealand. Jetstar, the airline Hughes was flying, has a policy that requires female passengers who are 28 weeks pregnant or more to carry a letter from their doctor stating they are okay to fly. And so, a flight attendant must have assumed Hughes was pregnant when he approached her to ask for her medical certificate. After a humiliated Hughes explained she wasn't pregnant, he said sorry and walked away!

Can you imagine Hughes embarrassment? The worst part according to Hughes, who weighs 154 pounds, is that "I don't look eight weeks pregnant, let alone 28 weeks. I would have had to have been huge."


I don't know about using the word huge to describe a 7-month pregnant woman or at least that wasn't the case for me the first time around. Still, I think you can tell the difference between a woman at 28 weeks of pregnancy and one who's not expecting at all.

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The airline has apologized for the embarrassment they caused Hughes, but she's still incredibly humiliated and livid about it. I'm sure the flight attendant who made the mistake is not feeling too great either. I know because I, unbelievably, made the same mistake once. I can't actually believe I'm about to reveal it, but I guess I just want to remind others to never EVER assume someone's pregnant unless they have confirmed it themselves.

A few months after I had my first child, I was at the register of my neighborhood liquor store when it dawned on me that the cashier looked pregnant. I distinctly remember thinking she was all belly and I guess it was because motherhood was all knew to me, I decided to ask her if she was having a boy or a girl. She gave me the look of death and I knew I had made one of the worst mistakes ever. 

I think you can guess what happened next. It wasn't pretty. I was livid and so was she. Lesson learned. 

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