10 Reasons why I miss being pregnant

It's been a while since I was pregnant. Three years to be exact, and since I won't be pregnant ever again, I get a bit nostalgic sometimes when I see someone with a baby bump. While some women are glad those days are over, I was lucky enough to have incredible pregnancies. Not only did I not experience any morning sickness, but I just felt great all around both times. 

Here, then, are 10 reasons why I miss being pregnant:


1) Beautiful skin/hair: I don't think I've ever felt prettier than when I was pregnant. My hair was super healthy and my skin glowed. 

2) Shopping: I loved shopping for maternity clothes and I loved how I looked in them, but I also had so much fun shopping for the baby--especially the first time around when it's all new.

3) Kicks: There's absolutely nothing better than feeling your baby's first kick (once you figure out that's what it is). There's just something miraculous about it and it's hard to explain the feeling if you haven't gone through it.

4) The perfect excuse: If I didn't feel like going somewhere, seeing someone or doing something, all I had to do was say I wasn't feeling well or that I was too tired and nobody bother to question me.

5) Expectation: I loved knowing that at the end of nine months I'd be meeting a new person that I would call my child. I loved knowing that the day was getting closer and the feeling of utter excitement that came with that.

6) Wondering if you're having a boy or a girl: I didn't find out the sex of my first child until she was born and it was the best surprise ever because the whole time I was pregnant, I was sure I was having a boy and she was a girl!

7) Naps: This is probably one of the things I miss the most, being able to take naps whenever I wanted and feeling rested. 

8) Being treated nicely: I loved that my husband, my mom and pretty much everybody always wanted to do things for me even when I had no problems doing them myself. I loved that I didn't really have to ask for help because everyone was willing to do things for me. Sadly, that doesn't happen anymore.

9) Cleavage: Finally! Too bad that didn't last too long!

10) The miracle of life: Throughout both my pregnancies, I was always in awe of what was happening inside my body. I thought it was amazing that I was growing a complete human being inside me. It was empowering and simply beautiful. 

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