Pregnant model Raffaella Fico rocks runways in a bikini at Milan Fashion Week!

I don't know about you, but I always get anxiety-inducing feelings come bikini season. Like most women, I tend to pressure myself into thinking that in order for me to slip into a tiny little swimsuit, I need to be in perfect shape. So you can imagine my reaction when I heard a six month pregnant model was strutting her stuff down the runway during Milan Fashion Week. Model Raffaela Fico flaunted her baby bump in a series of tiny two-pieces for the Pin-Up Stars swimwear line, an Italian brand helmed by designer Jerry Tommolini. Oh baby!


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I have to admit I was really amazed to see how fabulous the mom-to-be looked, and even more amazed at how successfully she was able to balance herself in those VERY high-heels! The 24-year-old model was glowing and didn't look the least bit worried about showing her baby bump. In fact, Raffaela paraded down that runway showing off her pregnant bod with pride.

The idea of wearing a bikini pregnant always seemed kind of horrifying to me, so I have to give the model major props. But I can honestly say, it was actually pretty empowering to see that pregnancy and motherhood can still be portrayed as sexy and attractive. And it's not like this pregnant model was all belly. She had prominent veins on her breasts, expanding curves and still worked it! You go, chica!

Shoot, I hope I look this hot when I'm preggo! It's so nice to see a woman comfortable in her own skin, pregnant or not. 

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