Soldier who never knew she was pregnant gives birth in most dangerous base in Afghanistan!

Childbirth can be a very scary experience even if you're prepared to deal with it, but what about if you have NO IDEA that you're pregnant and suddenly find yourself in labor? This is exactly what happened to a UK soldier based in Afghanistan who gave birth to a baby boy but had no clue she was ever pregnant! The woman--whose name is being withheld--had her child five weeks premature in Camp Bastion (known to be one of the most dangerous bases on the front lines).


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According to CNN, the British army has a strict rule against deploying soldiers who are pregnant and had no clue that this woman was with child. A medical team from John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, England plans on traveling to the base to care for the soldier and her newborn before escorting them home. Amazingly, the Daily Mail reports that the woman was able to pass her grueling physical exams and wasn't complaining of stomach pain up until about two days before giving birth.

Whenever I watch shows like I Didn't know I was Pregnant, I always find it so hard to believe that this could ever happen, but this is an even more extreme case! Despite being pregnant, this soldier was able to complete strenuous exercise with ease and the baby was totally unharmed. And this isn't even the first time the military has had to deal with sudden "oopsie" babies popping up on their radar--since 2003, 70 British female soldiers in Afghanistan were sent home after finding out they were pregnant and about 100 were sent home from Iraq for the same reason.

This must be a pretty terrifying experience for any woman, but even more so if you are serving your country in some of the most dangerous parts of the world. Just goes to show that if you aren't looking to have a baby yet (regardless of whether or not you are serving in the military) contraception is your best bet to prevent unwanted or surprise pregnancy.

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What do you think of the issue of pregnancies in the military?

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What do you think of the issue of pregnancies in the military?

on May 24, 2013 at 2:23 PM
Contraception is NOT fool proof. Condoms $ birth control pills greatly reduce the chance of getting pregnant. Birth control pills are not only used for birth control. A friend of mine in school was taking birth control pills to help regulate her periods. years later I had to take them to regulate mine. i've known a few women who were taking it & wound up either not having their periods or having fewer periods. So it is possible for a woman taking BC pills or injections to not know they are pregnant due to "missed periods". I'm surprised though that the military (any military) that allows women to serve doesn't give a simple pregnancy test prior to deployment into a combat zone. If i recall correctly when I entered basic training (back in the early 1980's) every woman was given a pregnancy test. 30 years later I'm sure it would be just as quick and easy as back then. Basic training was physically demanding, I'm sure combat zones more so. If this were done, these instances would be greatly reduced. Granted there may be those who get pregnant while deployed.
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on May 24, 2013 at 4:58 PM
she might have gotten preggo there, just like deployed ships people get in it where they can..
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on May 25, 2013 at 1:39 AM
One, pregnancy tests can be wrong. I had one that was negative and 6 months later had a baby. Two, the antibiotics that you have to take in Afghanistan (anti-malaria) negate the pill. Unfortunately, this isn't briefed during preparation for deployment!
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