Kourtney Kardashian's birth was on TV for all to see & I was totally grossed out

Holy grossness. I was totally in shock after I saw the footage of Sunday night's season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, where Kourtney pretty much delivers her baby in front of the reality show cameras. What can I do to un-see this?!

It's disgusting on so many levels, the main of which is honestly the fact that such a special, private moment could be so shamelessly sold and transmitted to millions of gawkers all across the U.S. who tuned in for the show. And also, really, do I have to look at ALL of Kourtney K. while she's giving birth? With all the gore? I mean, I didn't even want to look at my son's OWN birth, so why do the Kardashians think that the world wants to see THEIR business?

Well, of course the answer is simple…


Aside from the fact that the Kardashian girls would pretty much show their private bedroom moments on television if they could (and I'm pretty sure they actually have), I don't know why this stunt surprised me so much. Call me prudish or skirmish or whatever--the whole thing just gave me a bad vibe. For goodness sake, Kanye West was even in the delivery room along with, of course, the ENTIRE Kardashian clan. Kanye?! For real Kourtney?

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I only say this because during my own recent delivery, I didn't want ANYONE with me in the hospital room. I  actually had to apologize to my mom later on because I pretty much threw her out, along with the nurse, the anesthesiologist, and I think even the doctor when I was in the middle of my extremely painful contractions--which later turned into even more painful back labor from my son turning sunny side up before he was born (the little stubborn Taurus just did NOT want to come out).

And cameras? Please. Even with my epiduraled-out, practically immobile legs, I almost drop-kicked my husband from the bed when I saw that he was trying to sneakily record me with his tablet while I was about to push. I had a bit of a difficult delivery, so to this day I can't really see the bit that he did manage to record without feeling like I'm going to cry.

Okay, fine, part of it is that I can't hide my jealousy at the fact that Kourtney, like, pulled out her own baby girl. No, seriously, she pulled her out with her bare hands. To me, after my 30-hour-long labor, 2 hours of intense pushing, all ending with an emergency C-section, that is really kinda awesome... even though, note to the Kardashian family: I did NOT need to see that.

I know this moment is special and individual to each mom. You may have loved having your whole family in the delivery room and enjoy watching every moment recorded in your camera over and over. Or those of you who don't have kids might be looking forward to having Mami, tíos, and abuela all join you for the blessed event. Or you may want it to be a private moment, like it was for me.

In any case, whatever your expectations are, it's truly the most amazing thing that I've ever experienced--and for all you mamis-to-be (and mamis-to-be someday), I'm sure you'll agree. Which is why having reality show cameras, cameramen, who-knows-who-else--and, um, oh yeah, Kanye West--in the room along with family is just kinda crazy to me. But, hey, to each her own, right?

Watch the grossness below:


Image via Daily Motion