Top 10 Trendy Latin Baby Names for 2012

When Adriana Lima had her baby this week, I was, of course, eager to learn what she named her sweet little bundle of joy! The name she picked for her second baby girl? The oh-so-trendy Sienna!

Another gorgeous lady--who just so happens to be a fabulous fashion editor and the most on-trend person I know--had a baby about 2 months ago and named her beautiful daughter Sienna as well. It's an adorable name and of course I LOVE it, but it got me thinking about other cute trendy Latin baby names for 2012.

After a little digging, I found 5 names for boys and 5 names for girls that will ensure your baby is oh-so au courant

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It was pretty interesting seeing where the trends originate from. There is a clear tendency for pop culture references to influence trendy baby names. Sienna, and the boy versions, Cinna and Senna, have also been gaining in popularity (hello Hunger Games AND Twilight!). Aria, another super popular name this year--also spelled Arya--is an obvious nod to the little lioness from Game of Thrones. 

Other names are steeped in more timeless symbolism. Aurora and Luna are a homage to the celestial influences in our lives while the masculine Hugo and Thiago are clearly tied to major literary figures. But either way you slice it, Latin baby names are clearly gaining favor all over the world. Which are your favorites?

Top 5 Trendy names for your little Latina:

1. Sienna

2. Aria

3. Aurora

4. Ximena

5. Luna

Top 5 Trendy names for your little Latino:

1. Thiago

2. Diego

3. Hugo

4. Alvaro

5. Martí

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