Mom gives birth in airplane bathroom!

The possibility of pre-term labor terrifies most moms-to-be, but can you imagine going into labor unexpectedly while flying over international waters? This exact scenario unfolded for a woman from the Philippines earlier this month. 


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The 35-year-old mother identified as 'Nedz,' worked at a hotel in Dubai along with her husband, both of whom were traveling from the United Arab Emirates back to their home in the Philippines in preparation for the arrival of their baby. Of course, they weren't expecting their son to arrive three months early--Nedz was just 27 weeks along when she went into spontaneous labor! The couple's baby was born in the airplane lavatory and was kept warm under LED reading lights until the plane reached Ho Chi Minh City for an emergency landing.

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Thankfully, there were two nurses aboard the flight who along with a few brave flight attendants were able to keep mom and baby safe. It was hard enough giving birth in a first-world hospital under the care of dedicated doctors and nurses, I cannot even fathom how this woman must have felt when she realized she was going to have her baby in the glorified port-a-john that is the airplane bathroom.

The baby boy, who remains in critical condition, was reportedly named EK--the flight code for Emirates airline. And thanks to modern medicine, this preemie will likely be just fine in a couple of months. 

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Images via Sucrzuzu/flickr, Alexander N/flickr

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