Snooki throws a super-Latina baby shower! (VIDEO)

With her due date just a few weeks away, Snooki just had a huge, lavish baby shower!

Considering how much she's embraced her Latina-ness during this pregnancy (I mean, continuing to wear her giant heels? Promising to be in full makeup at the delivery room? Yes, please!), it's no surprise to me that she had a big party with over 100 people. She may have said some crazy things throughout her pregnancy, but at the same time that's not stopping her from making sure that she is VERY well prepared for this baby--thanks to four hours of opening gifts!


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It's really no surprise that all the baby gifts took that long to open, what with the giant-sized crowd of over 100 guests attended the blue and lime-themed party. The only sad thing (to me, anyway) is that her mom insisted on more of a country club style rather than the Jersey Shore style parties that Snooki is used to but, well, considering that the pint-sized star is about to pop, I'd have to agree. 

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So what did the Chilean-born reality TV star get as some of her presents? The best was definitely the zebra-print diaper bag. I mean, seriously, how Latina is that?! I just bought a zebra-print airplane blanket, so I know exactly why she wanted that. I think my second favorite is definitely the motorcycle rocker, which is just the cutest little idea ever. Heck, I'm jealous! Well, at least she got "everything she ever wanted" and had an "amazing" time, right?

Have you had a huge baby shower? What do you think of Snooki's gifts? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Splash News