Facebook makes it even easier to share your baby news

Facebook  has really outdone itself again! To be honest, I really don't like the formatting of their new Timeline layout and resisted for a long time before transitioning over to the dark side. The new look was too complicated for my taste, but it eventually grew on me a bit, and have made (sort-of) peace with it. In addition to their new Timeline, we users could add important life events, such as graduation, wedding, engagement dates etc. But now, added to all those already detailed milestones, is the option to report the arrival of a baby!


Honestly, this comes off as a bit intrusive to me. Not only will this new life event appear on my Timeline, but my entire group of friends on Facebook will receive notifications of it as well. If you're like the average Facebook user, chances are the majority of the people on your friends list are just acquaintances--and who wants to share their personal stuff with them? And isn't there a superstition about not revealing your pregnancy until after the first three months? I definitely know a few people who would probably update their status as soon as the plus sign comes up on their pregnancy test!

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To be fair, Facebook does have the option to limit the audiences who can see certain things you post, so not everyone needs to be involved in your business. But I still think the social networking site takes their categories to extremes with their life events. One of which I noticed recently allows you to report the loss of a loved one. Uh...morbid much?

Whether or not you agree with me on this new addition (pun not intended), at least it saves expecting moms the trouble of breaking the news individually to the whole family. Now your  tíos, tías, primos, bisabuelos--the whole clan!--can learn about your pregnancy on their newsfeed and "Like" your soon-to-be bundle of joy.

What do you think of the new life event option on Facebook's Timeline?

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