10 Latino baby names that should be popular in 2012

The list of the top baby names of 2012 (so far) has just come out and, unsurprisingly, it's largely the same last year's list, which had a ton of super Latino names.

There's been a TON of Latinos in the news in 2012, so I'm betting the popular names in the second half of the year will be even MORE influence by our superstars. Which ones are going to make the list, though? These are the 5 Latino baby girl names and 5 Latino baby boy names that I'm betting will be the most popular in 2012:


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Baby girl names: 1. Sofia, 2. Alexa, 3. Camila, 4. Jordana, 5. Demi

Obviously, Sofia (which WAS one of the top 2011 names) is going to remain high up there. I mean, Sofia Vergara is only getting more fabulous by the day. I think Alexa (as in Vega, who's going through a divorce and currently filming Machete Kills), Camila (after Alves, who got married to Matthew McConaughey and is on to baby #3), Jordana (obviously Brewster, who's starring in the new Dallas reboot) and Demi (definitely Lovato, who has hosted award shows and is one of The X Factor judges) are going to be the top baby girl names.

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Baby boy names: 1. William, 2. Ryan, 3. Victor, 4. Rico, 5. Danell

Do these even need explanation? William Levy is DEFINITELY going to influence new moms to name their baby boys after the hot Cuban actor. Plus, London 2012 Olympics fever will have the names Ryan (as in Lochte) and Danell (after Levya) those names grow in popularity, too. Let's not forget Victor (um as in Cruz, only the hottest player on the NFL Superbowl Champs New York Giants) and Rico (yes, after Rodriguez, who plays Sofia Vergara's adorable son Manny on Modern Family).

At least, if I was having a baby this year, then these are DEFINITELY the names I would go for! So many good ones to choose from, don't you think?

What's your favorite Latino baby name? If you're pregnant, will you be naming your kid after one of these potentially popular names? Share with us in the comments below!

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