New mom Soukaina Nekhlaoui has a great story to tell her baby boy. The 25-year-old New Jersey resident delivered her son at the mouth of the Holland Tunnel early this morning!

Apparently Nekhlaoui and her husband Abdel Elkarhat were heading through the tunnel at about 6:45 this morning, on their way to a hospital in Brooklyn. But they quickly realized her labor was progressing much faster than expected. Unsure of whether to stop or continue on, Elkarhat attempted to navigate as fast as he could before eventually stopping at the mouth of the tunnel to ask for help.

A Port Authority Tunnel & Bridge officer with medical training helped deliver the child. Luckily, both mom and baby are fine and are now resting in a New York hospital.


Wow, talk about an unbelievable delivery! I'm just glad that she and her baby are safe and sound. Even though Nekhlaoui's tale sounds insane, she isn't the only mom to go into labor in a strange place. Below, check out 6 other bizarre places women have given birth--and tell us in the comments which one you think is the craziest!

Image via Mulad/flickr

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