7 ways my body changed after pregnancy that totally took me by surprise

As my body changed during pregnancy faster than I could keep track of, I knew that the repercussions of all the squeezing my organs suffered and all the stretching my body endured would last many months after I had Sebastian.

Well it's been three months already and honestly, this whole post-pregnancy thing has thrown me for a loop. I've had so many other unexpected physical changes--some good and some that I could do without--that I'm about to demand my money back from for all the pregnancy books that didn't warn me about these. So, pregnant women, beware, as you too may have already read about your hair falling out or your breasts sagging, but I guarantee you've never read about these changes before!


1. Those extra pounds do not want to leave. Throughout my pregnancy, I tried to be good about working out, eating right, and in general keeping my weight down. In fact, I gained 35 pounds total. At my 2-week post-op doctor's appointment, I had already lost, like, 20 pounds, so naturally I thought that by 6 weeks I'd be to a weight lower than my pre-pregnancy weight. Negative! Those pesky last 15 pounds feel like they're here to stay, no matter what I do.

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2. My body's shape is just…different. It's hard to describe, but my legs aren't as solid, my butt isn't as round, my bellybutton not as deep. I know, I know, pregnancy changes everything, but these very subtle changes are ones I was not bargaining for.

3. I now have l "thunder thighs." I used to have thick legs before, but now they're off the charts. The inside part of my thighs are now BFFs, all in each other's business, when before, they totally stayed out of each other's way. This is a change I don't mind—my husband is liking my meatier legs. But for me it's been hard to deal with the chafing. Ouch.

 4. My brain is still mush. Think that Pregnant Brain goes away? Think again--it becomes Mom Brain. I'm told that you never really regain your pre-pregnancy level of cerebral activity. Well, this was something I vowed to fight once I gave birth. But now, three months in, I'm just trying to deal with my reduced cognitive abilities 
on a day-to-day basis.

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 5. My bladder is totally not the efficient machine it once was. There's not much to be said here. I thought this pesky side effect of pregnancy would go away after Sebastian's head stopped using my bladder
 as a pillow. But no. Full disclosure, I have trouble making my way to the bathroom before I'm actually leaking. I guess maybe I should make use of those Kegels panties I was so unsure about last week.

 6. My boobs are actually a bit bigger. And I do mean a bit, but being a pre-pregnancy A-cup, I'll take whatever I can get. I'm thinking that since I'm not breastfeeding, maybe this is a permanent perk. Here's to hoping!

 7. My joints are creaky. Yes, creaky. During pregnancy, my joints were excruciatingly painful, a normal result, I was told time and time again by my doctors, of the hormones that were readying my body for birth. But--surprise, surpise!--I'm still having trouble moving. My joints are still stiff and I still have trouble with stairs.

 I know, I know, it's only been three months. I have yet to start working out and my body is slowly recovering my C-section. So let's see. I'll check back in a few months and let you all know if any of this has changed.

Are you a new mom? Have you felt any of these changes too? Share with us in the comments below!

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