Have you ever had a prank pulled on you? I'm glad to say that I haven't--but I do love it when celebrities have someone fool them into something silly, like the latest video of British boy band One Direction getting pranked by Nickelodeon in a hysterical fake pregnancy (and about-to-give-birth) video.

Laughing out loud to the way that the group reacts when an actress pretends that she's about to give birth right in front of them, I started thinking about some of my favorite celebrity pranks involving Latin celebs. From Mario Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Wilmer Valderrama and Jessica Alba, some of them get fooled and others are doing the fooling on unsuspecting people. Either way, you'll be laughing, too!


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What would you do if you were pranked by a family member? Which is your favorite celeb video? Share with us in the comments below!

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