Is Shakira really finally pregnant?!

Oh my gosh! Well, the rumors have been swirling about this for a while but now it seems that Shakira really IS pregnant, or so the latest reports would have us believe. 

Although nothing has actually been confirmed yet, I think this would be absolutely FANTASTIC news for the 35-year-old Colombian superstar and boyfriend Gerard Piqué. To be honest, even her papi seems to be kind-of-sort-of hinting that it may, in fact, be very true. 


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I can understand the singer wanting to keep her privacy for now. I mean, did you HEAR about British songtress Adele and how she kept her pregnancy secret for seven months? Perhaps Shaki is taking her cue from her fellow performer and avoiding the topic for a while. Meanwhile, her dad is telling La Prensa that he hasn't confirmed--but he's not denying anything either.

I want to reiterate as I said in the interview given recently, that I hope that good news will happen soon, because it would be good news for everyone. I never said anything other than that, nor have I confirmed.

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Be honest: Doesn't that sound a little suspicious to you? He's going through a LOT of trouble to say he's not confirming the news--but he's also definitely not denying it either! So is Shaki pregnant or not? I guess, for now, we'll have to wait for an official confirmation or those oh-so-obvious baby bump photos.

Do you think Shakira is pregnant with her first child, based on what her father isn't denying? Share with us in the comments below!

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