Snooki asks Kelly Ripa if she pooped during labor! (VIDEO)

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has never been known for filtering her thoughts before saying them out loud and ever since she announced her pregnancy, her comments seemed to have gotten worse. I, personally never found her statements all that scandalous, but even I have to admit that what she asked Kelly Ripa during a recent interview made me wince a little.


Snooki visited Live with Kelly on Tuesday and let's just say, their conversation was not typically what you see on morning television. First, Ripa called out Snooki for lying to her during a visit back in February when the mom-to-be insisted that she wasn't pregnant. "I'm a good liar," Snooki responded, also explaining that she was waiting until the 3-month mark to make an official announcement.

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Then the interview got weird. In an apparent effort to turn the tables and shift the spotlight back to Ripa, Snooki asked: "Did you poop?" in reference to the host's experience with the labor of her three children. Sigh…only Snooki would have absolutely no qualms about asking such an intrusive (and kind of gross) question on live TV.

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Luckily, Ripa, in her typical sarcastic fashion, played off the question by turning to the camera and saying "No, I have never pooped. Ever." Haha, what a good sport! If it had been me in Ripa's position, I'm pretty sure I would have just stared at Snooki with my mouth open in surprise. Seriously though, between Snooki's recent tumble in unnecessarily high heels and this, I'm starting to wonder if parenthood really will make Snooki mature like I always thought it would!

One thing's for sure--that baby is going to have one very open mother.

Watch part of the interview here:


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