Woman goes into unexpected labor after doctors tell her--six times!-- that she isn't pregnant!

I've always found it extremely hard to believe when women claim that they had no idea they were pregnant before going into labor…but what if an actual doctor also didn't know?

One British woman, Gemma Cleghorn, says she was told SIX times by professional medics that her swollen stomach and missed periods were only side effects of an injury from a car crash....which is why she was completely shocked when she was later rushed to a hospital only to find out she was going to into labor!


The 25-year-old had her car totaled after being hit by a speeding driver five months earlier.  So when she complained to her doctors of aches and pains, they apparently just chalked it up to leftover strain from the accident. "Even when my periods stopped they said it had been caused by the stress and trauma of the crash," she told the Daily Mail.

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Imagine her surprise then when she was taken to the hospital in May due to what she thought was internal bleeding (or other aftermath of the accident) and it was discovered that she was actually pregnant! CRAZY, right? Can you imagine how shocked her and her partner must have been?! Luckily though, the baby boy was born healthy, even though Cleghorn had apparently been pregnant at the time of the accident and had taken strong medication.

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Talk about a miraculous delivery! I'm glad that both baby and mom are safe, but I can't help feeling so bad for Cleghorn. I mean, getting pregnant can be scary enough, but finding out you're pregnant as you're going into labor?! If that had been me, I would've completely chewed out those doctors (after getting over the initial shock, of course). I just don't get how they could have missed her pregnancy not once, not twice, but MULTIPLE times! They are extremely fortunate that both Cleghorn and her son are healthy.

Hopefully, they learned their lesson and are being a lot more thorough with their examinations from now on!

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