Camila Alves reminds us that pregnant ladies can be super sexy!

Camila Alves, aka the new Mrs. McConaughey, has always been stunningly beautiful. But while posing with her hubby at the Magic Mike premiere in London, Alves proved that she can also be downright sexy—even while sporting a quickly-growing baby bump!


With her killer body, super attractive husband, and adorable kids, Alves is already a source of envy of many women. And now, she is once again showing superwoman tendencies by being THE hottest pregnant person ever! I mean, most expecting women start relying on empire-waist dresses and looser fitting clothes once the belly starts to show...but not Alves. Just one week after announcing that she's expecting her third child, she showed up at the film premiere wearing a tight leopard-print mini dress, nude high heels, bright red lips and sexy tousled hair…and she looks AMAZING!

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Seriously, who else would be able to that pull that off as well as her? I swear, if I didn't like her so much, I would probably want to punch her. As it is though, I really do respect her as a mom and a businesswoman… and am kind of in awe of her ability to always look so darn good!

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Besides, I love how confident she is. Instead of feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable with her growing body, she embraces it and shows off her new curves--proving to the world that pregnant woman can be smokin' hot too. That Matthew McConaughey is one lucky guy!

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