Did the couple who gave birth at 7-Eleven get a comped drink for Free Slurpee Day?

Today is Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven, but that's far from the most exciting thing to happen at the convenience store recently.  Just a couple of weeks ago,  Florida couple, Chad and Tye Malley, were forced to deliver their baby in a 7-Eleven parking lot after they were unable to make it to the hospital in time!


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Apparently, the duo was on the way to the hospital when Tye's labor pains became too unbearable to withstand. The couple was forced to pull over into the parking lot of a local 7-Eleven and Chad had to do something he never thought he would have to—deliver his baby! As luck would have it though, Chad works as a paramedic, which means he wasn't completely without experience.  

With the help of an emergency dispatcher, Chad was able to deliver his baby healthily. Both mother and son were then sent to the hospital where they stayed for a few days before being released.

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Wow! Can you imagine being forced to give birth while parked in the lot of what is probably a busy and highly-frequented location? Still, I guess things could've been worse --it could've happened today when 7-Elevens around the world have lines around the block of people waiting for their free icy drink! That would've surely caused an even BIGGER commotion.

I'm just glad that mom and baby are both doing well…and that dad was able to make it all happen safely.  

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