Pregnant bride gives birth during her wedding!

Weddings are happy occasions…but they're also very stressful. Even with all of the planning involved, there are still so many opportunities for something to go wrong, whether a minor mishap or a giant disaster. Well, one bride recently learned that lesson the hard way when she gave birth to her baby just minutes after tying the knot!


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The woman, who remains unnamed, apparently began to feel sick on the morning of her wedding but decided to go on with the day. The ceremony, which took place in northwest France, was slightly delayed due to her illness but eventually kicked off as planned. In fact, the two completed their vows, were pronounced husband and wife, and had even started taking pictures outside of the village hall when suddenly the pregnant bride ran inside without explanation. Shortly after, it was announced that the mother-to-be was in labor!

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Oh my god, I can't imagine what I would do if I was in that situation. Talk about having an unforgettable wedding day! Thankfully, mother and her new baby boy (who arrived eight days early) were able to be transported to a hospital in an ambulance and are both doing well.  That poor, poor woman….being a bride is stressful enough, being a pregnant bride is even harder but going into unexpected labor DURING your wedding?! That is one busy, emotional day!

I bet most people will now probably say that she should've cancelled the whole thing if she was feeling sick in the morning, but honestly,  I totally understand her wanting to continue with the day. After all, I'm sure she had been planning and thinking of the occasion for months! Still, maybe she should've considered her options a little more thoroughly before planning her big day to take place only a few short days before her due date!

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