When I first heard that Kourtney Kardashian named her brand new baby girl Penelope, I thought two things immediately: 

1. How did she manage to escape giving her baby girl a name that started with a "K"?!

2. I bet she named her baby after Penelope Cruz!

I mean, who wouldn't want their baby to take after the gorgeous Spanish actress? She's talented and graceful and every bit a lady, so it seems fitting to want to pass on those characteristics to a baby girl. But what's the real meaning behind her name?


The name Penelope is actually derived from Greek origins, and the most famous Penelope of all times is the wife of Odysseus, the main character in Homer's famous tome The Odyssey. In the book, she avoids being forced to remarry while her husband is away by weaving a tapestry during the day and unraveling it at night after declaring it must be completed before she would wed. The name has come to signify characteristics such as loyalty and cleverness. 

Penelope Cruz isn't the only Latina celebrity out there with an inspirational name though. Here are 10 celebrities whose names would be perfect for a new little girl and the secret meanings behind them!

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