Looks like the Kardashians have a new addition to their family! Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to her second child with longtime boyfriend Scott Disick this past weekend. The couple, who had kept mum about the baby's name throughout the pregnancy, welcomed their new little girl early Sunday. So what did they decide to call her? Something starting with a "K" in order to keep with the tradition of the family naming perhaps?


Actually, not quite! Kardashian and Disick decided to go their own route, naming their beautiful baby girl Penelope Scotland Disick. Aww—that's definitely different than what I expected (I wonder where the Scotland part came from?), but cute nonetheless!

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"Scott and I are overjoyed to welcome our precious angel Penelope Scotland Disick into our lives. We are forever blessed. Mommy and baby are resting comfortably," the reality star mom told E! News.

I love that the couple again chose to break away from her family's pattern and do their own thing in naming their baby, just like they did with their first child, Mason. And I'm sure little Penelope is just as adorable as her big brother too!

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But Penny (yes, I'm already giving her a nickname) will have plenty of young friends besides her sibling. Lots of stars—including some of our favorite Latinas—have given birth recently or are about to, which means the little starlet will have no shortage of Hollywood babies to hang out with! After all, if Peneleope is anything like her mom, she will definitely have a busy social schedule in her future. I can already picture the glamorous playdates! Below, 5 fabulous Latino celebrity kids that would make for great future pals: 

What do you think of the name the couple chose? Tell us in the comments below!

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