Week 27 is close to the third trimester and I can almost (I said "almost") see the light at the end of this tunnel. This week's April's Adventures in Mamihood vlog is all about my jitters and cravings for White Castle, plus--you'll get your first peek at my baby bump!



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April Hernandez-Castillo is a SAG nominated actress, motivational speaker and activist is now preparing for next leading lifelong role--MommyHood!

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Awww!! Congrats mama!! You look great!  My kids are a older now but I remember very clearly craving chicken nuggets from McDonald's when I was pregnant with my son.  I know, it's horrible but they tasted soo good!! He's 9 now and I haven't been able to eat the nuggets in years! I think I overloaded on them when I was pregnant lol!


Congrats! I craved the 2 things I never ate, White Castle and McDonalds nuggets.   Terrible!

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