Is Penelope Cruz pregnant again?! I hope so!

Oh my god! Is Penelope Cruz pregnant again?!?! I sure hope so!

Okay, so, I'm not one of those people that stalks celebrity baby bumps and births but I AM a little bit ridiculously excited that Penelope and hubby Javier Bardem may be expecting their second child. I mean, they're seriously one of my favorite celebrity couples and I think it would be absolutely adorable if they gave 17-month-old Leo a baby brother or sister.


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The family's always been pretty private, though, so we don't yet know for sure if she's preggers or not but, I mean, take a look at that photo! Not only does the couple look adorable walking around all lovey-dovey, it's very possible that they're secretly celebrating her good news.

Her belly DEFINITELY looks a little bit protruding to me. Since she didn't make the announcement about her previous pregnancy until she was four and a half months along, it might be a while still before we see a confirmation of this news. She's been looking pretty fabulous on the red carpet lately, too, so perhaps the maternal glow is partially to blame?  

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Of course, I can't know for sure whether or not the actress is pregnant but you can bet I'll be keeping an eye out. The threesome makes SUCH an adorable family that I can't wait to see when they add more to the mix. (Possible) congrats to Penelope and Javier!

Do you think Penelope Cruz is pregnant again? Would you want baby Leo to have a brother or sister? Share with us in the comments below!

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