Pregnant lady tasered by Chicago police officers

Police officers are supposed to be tough, but this is just shocking! Tiffany Rent, a woman who is eight months pregnant, was recently shocked by a stun gun during a dispute with a police officer. Now, she's saying the authorities that apprehended her knew that she was expecting and tased her anyway!


The incident occurred late Tuesday night when Rent was ticketed for parking in a handicapped spot at the Walgreens in Chicago. Rent says she only pulled into the spot to try to calm her restless daughter but despite her explanation, the officer still wrote her up. That's when things apparently got ugly. According to the police report, Rent became aggressive, tearing up the ticket and cursing at the officer. When she then attempted to drive away, the police officer stunned her.

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Now, the complaint is being reviewed by the Independent Police Review Authority. Though the officials themselves only released a few details of the pending investigation, the police say Rent was warned that a stun gun would be used if she tried to flee the scene. Of the state's policy regarding the incident, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy also said, "Well, first of all, you can't always tell whether somebody is pregnant. So, you want to use it where you are overcoming assault or preventing escape. That's what it boils down to."

What! How can you not tell when someone is EIGHT months pregnant? I'd understand if she was at the very beginning of her pregnancy, but it seems like a stretch to assume that the police office didn't notice her belly.

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Thankfully, Rent and her unborn son appeared unharmed after being examined at a hospital, although the mom-to-be says she is still worried, particularly because she's lost two babies in the past.

I'm sorry, I don't really care how obnoxious this woman might have been acting-- there is just no excuse or justification for stun gunning a lady expecting a baby! Over a freaking parking ticket?! Give me a break.

Yes, Rent should have been more cooperative and not tried to flee, but the officer should have also been much more understanding and much, much less extreme. Such a minor traffic violation does not warrant so much drama.  

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