Is Gisele Bundchen pregnant again? Then back off!

Is Brazilian bombshell Gisele Bundchen expecting baby no. 2 with husband Tom Brady? After a picture surfaced of the supermodel wearing a loose-fitting shirt to cover an alleged baby bump, rumors of her second pregnancy started flying.  


Us Weekly even "confirmed" the news, quoting a source that informed the magazine that Bundchen is already "three months along."  But if it's true, then the 31-year-old, who already has a two-year-old son, is doing an exceptionally good job of hiding it from those close to her. "She has not shared any baby news with any of her inner circle," a rep for Bundchen told the Boston Herald of her supposed pregnancy.

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So is she or isn't she? To me, it honestly just kind of looks like she's wearing a baggy shirt that happened to be ruffled by the breeze at the time the photographer took his shot. That's how teeny her "bump" is! Then again, it is Gisele--her bump would be tiny.

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Either way, I wish people would just leave her alone! If she isn't expecting, then she doesn't need all that pressure from the outside world about having a second baby. After all, she seems very happy with her athlete star husband and their one adorable baby boy. And if she is expecting, then she really doesn't need more speculation--especially if she hasn't even told her close friends yet! She'll have enough to worry about without having every eye in America judging her belly (or lack thereof).

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