'Jersey Shore' party girl Snooki is becoming a model mom

I never thought I'd see the day, but Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi may just be morphing in to a model mom. After her recent announcement that she's giving up tanning for the baby, the Chilean-born star of MTV's Jersey Shore has really earned my respect as a mommy who's more worried about taking care of her growing baby than of herself. I think that's something to be admired.

Plus, the girl is keeping it safe (for her baby) and still flaunting her style (and growing baby bump!) in new photos posted on Twitter. It seems like she's really on her way to become a true mamá Latina.


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Apparently Snooki hasn't tanned since last August, although she admits that she has "natural dark skin" and "if I didn't tan for two years, I would still be tan." But I love that she's taking this precaution as she prepares for her baby. That's not the only thing she's doing, though! She's really making sure to keep tabs with what's going on with her pregnancy through phone apps. She tells E! Online:

I have three applications on my phone that take you through your pregnancy. They tell me things like what to eat, what to expect at certain times, like cramps or swelling. I'm always prepared for what's happening to my body. I'm also going to be taking Lamaze and parenting classes. But those are a little more down the road.

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She's been candid in the past, admitting that she drank before finding out she was pregnant and talked about how she definitely plans to have an epidural during childbirth. So far she's proving to be very honest (always a good trait, in my book!). She's clearly concerned with caring for her baby while still trying maintain her identity. Snooki's even making sure that her hubby-to-be (baby daddy Jionni LaValle) is well prepared, too. I think that definitely makes a model mom.

What do you think of Snooki's preparation for her pregnancy? Did you tan while pregnant? Share with us in the comments below!

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