Woman gives birth to baby daughter just five hours after learning she was pregnant! (VIDEO)

Miracle babies do happen! After trying to conceive for four years, Tennessee couple Amanda and Billy Prentice received the happy news that they were expecting –and then only 5 hours later, Amanda gave birth.

I know, it's unbelievable! I mean, how is that even possible? Apparently, Prentice began having seizures a few days before she went into labor so her husband rushed her to a local hospital. The (unknowing) mom-to-be lost conscious for a couple of days and when she woke up on April 25, her doctor told her it was due to complications from her pregnancy. At the time, Prentice didn't even know she was pregnant!


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"I never felt [the baby] move. I wore the same clothes that I had worn for two years," Amanda told 9News of not feeling any typical pregnancy symptoms. Yet, the baby girl was born at a healthy (if on the smallish side) 5 pounds and 5 ounces so she must have been pregnant for several months!

How crazy is that? Luckily both mom and baby are doing well, despite their, uhh, surprising start.  And it's even more amazing considering that the Prentices--at one point anyway--were having problems conceiving! They were reportedly even thinking of adopting…that is, until their unexpected bundle of joy arrived.  

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But perhaps the most shocking thing about the whole story is that this is actually a trend amongst women! It's becoming increasingly for females to experience what is known as "cryptic pregnancy," where moms-to-be experience minimum, if any, of the typical symptoms! Um, seriously, how do I sign up for one of those?!

Still, as cool as it is that Prentice got to have the baby and skip the worst parts of pregnancy, I can't imagine how shocked and unprepared they must have felt. I mean, what if Prentice was a smoker or continued to drink because she didn't know she was pregnant? I'm just glad that what could've been a potentially heartbreaking disaster turned into a happy ending for all.

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Image via News 9

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