Jada from 'Quiero mi baby' on being pregnant in the US while her husband is stuck in Mexico (EXCLUSIVE)

On tonight's episode of MTV Tr3s' new show, Quiero Mi Baby, we meet "la gringuita" Jada and Kristian—a couple who met in Mexico while she was studying Spanish and are now struggling to get Kristian's visa so that he can join his pregnant wife in US.

Jada keeps hoping to hear good news that Kristian can come but it's proving to be a lot more difficult than either of them expected. Meanwhile, she's taking birthing classes with her mom and he's getting depressed that he can't be with his family.

She talks with Mamás Latinas exclusively about how she fell in love with Mexico, what it took to keep their relationship alive while she's pregnant in the US and he's stuck in Mexico and how life is after tonight's Quiero Mi Baby episode, which airs at 9 p.m. EST. Read the full interview with Jada and watch the video teaser below!


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When did you fall in love with Mexican culture?
I'm from Texas and it was everywhere but I wanted to learn more. I moved to Mexico to learn Spanish and it was just so lively, I wanted to fit in. Then I met Kristian on September 25th and fell in love almost three years ago.

How did your family react to your pregnancy?
Me and Kristian decided I would move back to the states to have the baby here. My family was very supportive. But we were so innocent. We heard that it would only take 3-5 months for him to get his visa and it would be ok. Up until the last minute, I thought he would come. I didn't know until a few days before the birth that he definitely wouldn't make it. I kept hoping he would. But it took a long time. I had the baby in October and he finally came at the end of February.

What was the most difficult part of being pregnant, besides not being with your husband?
Oh, besides that it was a dream pregnancy. I had morning sickness in the beginning but it wasn't bad.

How was childbirth?
My mom was there. She was really supportive. She went to birthing classes with me and I kept telling everyone "oh, my husband will be here soon" but it never happened, so she was with me.

How did you keep your relationship going while pregnant and living in the US while Kristian is stuck in Mexico?
We talked on Skype at least once a day, sometimes more. I visited him in Mexico City a few times, but then I got altitude sickness while pregnant and started bleeding. We were worried about losing the baby so the next time we met up in Acapulco.

Now that he's finally here, how are you feeling? How is he?
He is so happy bit it's difficult for him. He doesn't have his residency yet so he can't work. He's a musician and it's hard for him to express himself because of the language barrier. But he's doing good. He got depressed at the end of my pregnancy, being away. He became even more depressed after I had the baby, I saw him losing weight. I'm so happy he's finally here.

How are you going to raise your baby to learn about his heritage?
I'm going to keep speaking in Spanish. Back in Mexico my husband's mom and his aunts taught me how to cook Mexican food. My dream is to live in the US during the school year and spend our summers in Mexico. His whole family is really supportive and loving, too. You hear sometimes that Latina moms are very protective of their sons but she was very welcoming, so were his aunts. His mom has already visited once, to meet the baby, and we're making plans for her to visit again.

After two years in Mexico, how are you adjusting back to American culture?
I really miss Mexico. I hope we'll be able to go back for summers. I miss the lively culture and the people. We went to a concert recently and we were the only 4 out of 200 people dancing, even though it was Latin music. In Mexico everyone would be dancing. I miss that.

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Have you ever had to raise your baby away from your husband?

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