How long until we start complaining that Jessica Simpson isn't losing the post-baby weight fast enough?

Now that Jessica Simpson gave birth, I wonder how long it will be before celebrity paparazzi start coming out with photos that Jessica's just not losing weight fast enough? After all the crazy stories about how she was "too fat" during pregnancy, I wouldn't be surprised if she starts being compared to recent celebs like Beyonce and Candice Crawford, who bounced back within weeks after giving birth. But aren't we really going overboard with the celebrity post-partum body obsession? I think it's getting to the point that it's just sick. 


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Now, I've never been pregnant (yet) but I do know one undeniable scientific fact: it takes 9 months for a woman's body to grow a baby. That's almost 40 weeks that a baby develops while his mother eats and nourishes him. Women are supposed to get fat during this time because they are eating for two. It shouldn't be such a big deal if the woman gains more than ideal because her body is under a lot of stress to grow the little one.

Women should also really, really not be under attack if they don't drop all of the weight in three weeks like Candice Crawford did or in a couple of months like Beyonce. If it took almost a year for a woman to gain the weight, then shouldn't it take her around the same amount of the time to drop it? I can just see the magazine headlines now, if Jessica Simpson doesn't lose it as quickly as the tabloids expect her too, "Jessica still fat months after baby!" Ugh. 

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I'm telling you, it's going to happen. I'm absolutely sure of it. There were just too many stories about her body during pregnancy for it not to happen. And I think it's terrible and disgusting and I really hope that we can learn from the celebrity body obsession and give her a break, let her have her time with her beautiful new baby without worrying about what the tabloids will say about her not bouncing back right away. But I doubt that'll happen. I just hope she's strong enough to not abuse her body and lose the weight too quickly.

Do you think Jessica Simpson should have as much time as she wants to lose the post-baby body weight?

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on May 5, 2012 at 10:56 PM

una mujer que este embarazada y sea llamada gorda e sun insulto por que las gordas estan llenas de cebo , grasa y una mujer embarazada tiene un estomago con una forma muy detallada no desparramado ni lleno de rolls , el k sea capaz de confundir una mujer embarazada con una gorda es por que esta estupido(a) .

si ella no huviese subido de peso estarian pensando que "por cuidar su figura no alimento bien a su bebe en el vientre "

admiro a jessica simpson por que no se a dejado llevar de la presion de hollywood y que la comparen con beyonce seria un insulto para ella por que almenos ella siempre estuvo orgullosa de su embarazo y de su futura entrada al mundo de la maternidad no como beyonce que se escondia como si tuviera herpes y que segun muchos dicen ni estuvo embarazada .

yo tambn pensaba en la presion que a la pobre le van a poner pa bajar de peso . pero que siga siendo ella misma que asi va muy bien :)

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on May 7, 2012 at 11:27 AM

My babys 1, and I still havent lost it all. My sister just had her baby about 1 month ago and she looks like she did before she got pregnant. Everybodys body is different and respond to pregnancies different. Some take longer, some don't even esxcercise (like my sister) & theyre right back to how they used to eat before. & in case youre wondering yes my sister did eat really good, no starving herself no none of that.

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on Jun 1, 2012 at 12:12 AM
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