BEWARE: Overdue babies come with a different set of health issues

We know babies born prematurely can have complications, what happens if they're born late? Now, a study is saying that babies born post-term could also be faced with health issues in the future. 

Researchers examined over 5,000 Dutch babies and found that newborns born after 42 weeks were twice as likely to have behavioral problems and two and a half times more likely to develop ADHD than those who arrive in the usual nine months.  


"If your baby stays in the womb for too long they are more likely to be a stillbirth, or weigh too little or be more likely to have a neurological disorder, because [...] it is more likely the placenta stop[s] functioning normally," Neena Modi, a professor of neonatal medicine at Imperial College London, told The Guardian. 

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The news is especially important because it comes at a time when approximately 5 to 10 percent of births are post-term internationally. There's even an Internet-based group of moms that call themselves "10 month mamas" and advocating that pregnant women wait until after their due date so that they can have a natural childbirth instead of getting induced or having a c-section.

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So what's an expecting woman to do? It's an individual choice of course, but I think if you're putting your baby at risk by waiting when it isn't necessary, then it might not be worth it. At the very least, moms-to-be should be aware that premature birth isn't the only kind that can do damage--prolonged pregnancy can also have potentially harmful, long-term effects on a baby. 

What do you think of the study?

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