Adriana Lima's surprising pregnancy cravings

Adriana Lima has a confession to make about her pregnancy: she craves beer! It's a odd thing to crave for any expecting mom, but especially so for the Brazilian beauty. Lima tells People, "It's very strange because I normally don't like beer. Now I want some but I cannot drink it. It's been very hard!," Clearly, Lima is in a tough spot.   



Fortunately, for Lima, she's two-thirds of the way through her second pregnancy. In the meantime, though, she's been indulging in crispy duck. "All of a sudden I cannot get enough of it. It's amazing," says Lima.

I recently discovered crispy duck at a local Thai restaurant, and I kind of understand Lima's urge for crispy duck.  

Of course this reminded me of my crazy pregnancy cravings of bacon and pasta, and lots of ice cream. I chomped on ice chips and ate tubs of vanilla ice cream during a really cold winter and warmed my tummy with some bacon and pasta. No, not separately. In one big, greasy casserole.   

I still cringe at the idea of eating a bacon and pasta dish. But it turns out my son it was all my son's doing. He's now twelve and can eat bacon and pasta anytime—separately or together. He doesn't get to have it much because we don't even keep bacon at home.

Moms fess up. What are some weird things you've craved during pregnancy?

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